Digital Loyalty Programmes and Virtual Cards

When deciding to buy a product or service, both individuals and companies are confronted with a number of different opportunities including specialty stores, supermarkets, specialist websites and generalist online stores. How are they different from one another and how can you help your users understand what makes your store stand out in terms of quality, cost-effectiveness, user-friendliness and efficiency?
Customer and brand loyalty has often proved to be the right move.
While it is true that loyalty cards may look like the simplest solution, the medium should not be confused with the strategy. Nearly 80% of users are enrolled in at least one loyalty programme. This figure shows just how much customers are willing to demonstrate their loyalty in exchange for recognition, uniqueness and a 1-to-1 shopping experience.
With the advent of new technologies and mobility devices, companies can expand their opportunities to stay in contact with their customers and, at the same time, highlight their uniqueness compared to competitors, or implement other loyalty tools.
The ideal strategy is to offer services, identify and process data to create a “perfect customer/company relationship”, where the customer’s needs, desires and problems are taken into account. These new technologies make it possible to manage a comprehensive ecosystem of customer-oriented actions including purchasing, support and targeted communication services, which are not only based on the customer’s characteristics, but also on their location.
In recent years, Archeometra has been a partner in the creation of integrated loyalty programmes alongside many Italian and multinational companies, developing sophisticated solutions capable not only of providing added value for customers but also of predicting their needs.
The success of our initiatives is, on the one hand, the result of the adoption of correct strategies and, on the other, of a quick and exhaustive turnaround.
Touch-point concepts, UX profiling, harmonisation of data from remotely interactive areas (web, mobile, IoT, etc.) with legacy governance systems are the basis of our successful design and implementation of loyalty solutions.
Millions of users are currently taking part in loyalty initiatives based on systems designed and implemented by Archeometra.