Archeometra main sponsor of the first edition of CITTADELLA ART PARADE
dedicated to the Fluxus artistic movement and to Francesco Conz.
Cittadella – City of Art September 3-4, 2022

Your Best Choice

Information technology and digital infrastructures since 1993


New Archeometra short film

“Silently by your side, everyday”

A corporate philosophy made of reliability

Archeometra sponsor for

“Orizzonti d’Autore”
Tra visioni e materia

International Biennale of Jewellery Art

Museo civico –  Asolo (Italy) from May the 7th to June the 24th 2022

Archeometra sponsor for “l’Orologio Ritrovato”

Festival of barocque music and digital art

Villa Contarini – Piazzola sul Brenta (Italy)
August 26-27-28. 2021

Art and Fashion for Roma Capitale

Archeometra sponsoring Sylvio Giardina’s Project

Archeometra and Cittadella Hockey

A new sponsorship for all the Teams of Cittadella Hockey,
playing in the Italian Hockey Inline Championship

IoT - A Significant Agreement

Archeometra signs a Framework Agreement with Dafne.net


Established in 1993, Archeometra is an Information Technology company based in Castelfranco Veneto, Italy. Archeometra helps corporate clients and government administrators to develop complex, enterprise-class digital services and infrastructure.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Archeometra has been the technological partner of a world-class Italian company specialising in home automation, intruder alarm systems and automation of gates, doors and screening systems for over 10 years.

Digital Loyalty Programmes and Virtual Cards

When deciding to buy a product or service, both individuals and companies are confronted with a number of different opportunities including specialty stores, supermarkets, online stores, websites, and e-commerce portals.


In the past few years electronic payments have experienced a rapid development supported by the availability of simple, practical solutions integrated within easy-to-use apps.

Our Target Markets

Archeometra works in collaboration with corporate clients and Italian Public Administrations, with a focus on developing innovative projects, as well as integrating IT systems

One of our crucial working domains which is common to all market compartments is the migration of complex, commercial platform-based infrastructures to open-source architectures and frameworks.

Banking & Insurance
Public Administrations, Smart Cities
Control Electronics - IoT - Home Automation
On-Premise and Cloud-based Solutions


Compila il form a lato o
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per ricevere ulteriori informazioni
sui nostri servizi.


Compila il form a lato o chiama il numero 0423 722071 per ricevere ulteriori informazioni sui nostri servizi.


Via dei Pini, 21/F – 31033
Castelfranco Veneto (TV) – Italy


via Ercolano Salvi, 12
00143 Roma – Italy