User Experience

Thanks to the know-how gained since the early 2000s, our Design & Development department offers unique expertise in all areas relating to interface design – not only classic web design but also smartphone and tablet apps. In short, everything that falls under the UX (User eXperience) design realm.
User Experience is a field of knowledge that embraces several different disciplines, including not only aesthetics, user-friendliness and ergonomics. Indeed, it starts with an analysis of business and marketing needs to create solutions that go well beyond an attractive look and feel and interface.
Our approach to UX design starts from an analysis of the types of interactions between customers/users of that specific company/service/product. It is a comprehensive process with the ultimate goal of improving the user’s experience by providing exactly what they need without useless distractions or unnecessary hassle.
This analysis is followed by the true UI (User Interface) design phase, which deals with everything related to the visual and interactive aspects of the product – be it a website or an app – first of all the user interface, which represents their first contact with the product/service.
The ultimate goal is to have the interface itself guide the user through the page and indicate, clearly and precisely, where they will find what they are looking for.
Web design, which focuses on the aesthetics of the website, is the last step. The structure of the page and combination of colours, shapes and fonts finally translate the project into a finished product ready for interaction with the public.