Internet of Things

In collaboration with a world-class Italian specialist company, Archeometra has been developing home automation, intrusion security and automation of gates, doors and screening systems for over 10 years. The needs of this industrial branch, especially for a listed multinational company, require a high degree of innovation.
The end user now expects every product to be remotely controllable, integrated and integrable, complete but also user-friendly. All these qualities can be summed up in one key word: smart.
Thanks to new smart products and interfaces capable of turning existing systems into smart systems, the brand has changed its face and gained a strong competitive edge. With the development of the Cloud portion of the solution and of the mobile app part that connects to the Cloud, as well as by actively participating in the creation of the low and high-level protocols used in the various fields, Archeometra has acquired a high level of skills and considerable cross-section potential. It is also thanks to Archeometra’s key contribution that objects such as gates, shutters and alarm panels have finally joined the Internet of Things realm.