The Italian Business Register is one of the key databases defined as being of “national interest” by Article 60 of the Digital Administration Code.
In compliance with Article 15 of the Italian Law no. 183 of 12/2011, Italian Chambers of Commerce make the data archived in the Business Register available to Public Administrations in various ways, including through application services exposed on the SPC network (public connectivity system).
SpyGlass is an application software for Public Administrations which interfaces with the Authority’s Domain Port, interprets and standardises the data retrieved from the Business Register and makes it available in several different human-readable and machine-readable formats.
SpyGlass has been designed and developed to make it easier to read data from the Business Register and unburden the Administrations from the need to develop ad-hoc software.
SpyGlass also simplifies and automates requests for Certified Email address lists of companies and professionals recorded in the official, publicly available database.
SpyGlass is a Java-based software that can be installed in any environment (Unix, Windows, Linux, etc.) which incorporates a Java Virtual Machine.
Its use requires a standard Domain Port which can be provided as an add-on if not available.
SpyGlass provides Business Register data in various formats including PDF (for archiving purposes), HTML (read-only) and XML (for integration with other processes).