Open-Source Framework Concept

Since 1993, Archeometra has developed just under 100 mobile applications and just over 400 web-based applications, in addition to stand-alone apps for system control and low-level automation.
Since writing its first line of code, Archeometra has always favoured FLOSS (Free Libre Open Source Software) programming languages, libraries and platforms.
Our first choice is Java, a de facto enterprise and Public Administrations standard and this is precisely why Archeometra’s international reputation has often led it to operate outside of national borders in the government, institutional and oil segments.
Java’s solidity, portability and flexibility facilitate its use in extremely large projects and perfectly integrates with clusters, load balancers, specific appliances for stateful inspection of packages, Web Application Firewalls (WAFs), etc.
For smaller projects, where code execution agility is required (e.g. in Embedded PCs), we opt for different products.
FLOSS products not only represent an ethical choice, but also guarantee the client contained development and licensing costs, durability (components are subject to frequent updating), security (an open code is controlled by everyone), as well as enabling them to have our work continued by a different provider in case they wish to change their IT partner in the future.