Archeometra is sponsor of Cittadella Hockey

Archeometra, for years a partner of the AS Cittadella Soccer team, is now a sponsor of Cittadella Hockey.
Five teams from minihockey to Serie A, engaged in all the Italian Roller Hockey Championships.

The Cittadella Hockey has established itself in recent years as an absolute protagonist team in the Main Italy Championship (Serie A) , reaching the second place in the national ranking several times and winning an Italian Super Cup, returning to his audience strong emotions, even in this difficult time for competitive sport.
The youth teams, from minihockey to under 16, and the brand new Serie C formation, always stand out in the local and national championships for both their competitive spirit and fair play.

Therefore, Archeometra continues its efforts in promoting sport, as a tool to promote social cohesion, to spread the culture of health and to create a strong bond with territorial roots.

The games is available in the Federazione FISR and in theCittadella Hockey. Youtube Channels