New Archeometra short film

“Silently by your side, everyday”

A corporate philosophy made of reliability


For our new communication project, we chose to make a “short film,” an artistic video that is a dedication to Archeometra and its business philosophy.
The care towards the simple gestures that fill our daily life expresses the sense of our corporate culture and history: passion, attention and dedication to the customer.
For this important video we chose the team of Max Barbot, a director and screenwriter who narrated the original concept with artistic nuances and in the evocative space of a theatrical stage.




Massimo Barbot (director)
Giulio Casale (actor)
Roberto Zanzot (photography director)
Claudio Panighel and Marco Belli  (videographers)
Francesco Liotard (sound engineer)
Francesca Sattin (make-up artist)
Elisabetta Basili (stylist)
Vania Broccoli (stage photographer)
Zeno Casale (assistant)